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FYRO Binchotan-style BBQ Charcoal Logs 10KG

FYRO Binchotan-style BBQ Charcoal Logs 10KG

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Made from eco-friendly fruit wood, this high performance charcoal burns for an extremely long time at remarkably even heat levels, making it perfect for long grill sessions and professional kitchens.

Due to the high purity and the fact that they do not contain chemical accelerants, they can take a little longer to light than regular charcoal. Simply use more fire starters to speed up.

​Once it lights, it burns up to 3+ times longer than regular charcoal. This means you do not need to keep topping up your grill with charcoal, making it extremely competitive price-performance wise for every hour of grilling.

Product Highlights

  • Ignition Time: ~20-40mins
  • Grilling Time (Direct Heat): 3-5 Hours
  • Grilling Time (Low n Slow): 6-15 Hours
  • Temperature Peak: 700°C

Usage Instructions

To speed up lighting, you can use more fire starters.

  1. Stack FYRO Binchotan-Style Charcoal Logs around lit firestarters ensuring good airflow.
  2. Check regularly and add more firestarters as needed to get the charcoal > 50% lit.
  3. When the charcoal starts glows red, a fan may be used to speed up ignition.
  4. Once charcoal is > 75% lit, use tongs or charcoal chimney to safely place it in your grill.

Tip: For charcoal lighting accessories, see FYRO Chimney Starter.

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