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FYRO BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter (Foldable)

FYRO BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter (Foldable)

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Meet FYRO's Stainless Steel Chimney Starter – your quick and easy solution for charcoal lighting. By channeling hot air upwards, it lights up charcoal in a fuss-free and quick manner. Foldable and space-saving. Simple, efficient, and ready to elevate your grilling game effortlessly.

Product Highlights

  • High Quality: Made of Stainless Steel
  • Convenient: Foldable & Space Saving
  • Clean storage: Comes with Storage Bag

Usage Instructions

  1. Peel off protective film before first use
  2. Set up the Chimney Starter by unfolding it
  3. Fill the Chimney Starter with charcoal
  4. Place 4-6 fire starters under the chimney starter
  5. Light fire starters up
  6. Ensure flames are in contact with the charcoal
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