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Kamado Joe - Classic Joe (18")

Kamado Joe - Classic Joe (18")

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With their impeccable build quality and high performance ceramics, the Kamado Joe Classic Joe was built to bring your grill game to the next level. Extremely fuel-efficient, with an ability to hold temperatures consistently for hours for the best results in both direct heat grilling and low n slow cooks. Enjoy a BBQ experience like no other with the Classic Joe grill.

Product Highlights


With features such as our 2-tier Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System, Kontrol Tower® Top Vent and Air Lift™ Hinge, discover new ways to fire it up and control your cooks with ease with the Classic Joe II grill.


With latest innovative features such as the 3-tier Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System, the SlōRoller® Hyperbolic Insert and the Kontrol Tower® Top Vent, the Classic Joe III remains unmatched.

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For questions on usage, do feel free to drop our team a message.

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