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FYRO Cocobrick Premium Charcoal Squares (36pcs)

FYRO Cocobrick Premium Charcoal Squares (36pcs)

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Specially customized in this compact size to fit the smaller charcoal holders of smaller table-top grills such as Lotus grill and smaller Japanese Grills, or smaller DIY aluminium tray grills.

Extremely long-lasting despite it's small size, and 1 box (containing 36 pieces) can power small Japanese table-top grills (pictured) for several hours.

Product Highlights

  • Ignition Time: ~25-40mins
  • Grilling Time*: 2-4 Hours
  • Temperature Peak: 700°C

*Grilling Time is based on small Japanese table-top grills as pictured (usage 16 squares per 2+hours, with gradual top-ups).

If using larger grill types, consumption may be faster and other charcoal types are recommended.

Usage Instructions

  1. Stack FYRO Cocobrick Charcoal around 5-6 fire starters, ensuring good airflow.
  2. Light up the fire starters, ensuring flames are in contact with several pieces of charcoal.
  3. Check regularly and add fire starters if necessary to get the charcoal >35% lit.
  4. When the charcoal starts glows red, a fan may be used to speed up ignition.
  5. Use tongs to flip the glowing pieces to touch and light up the unlit pieces.

Instruction Video available here.

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